One Panel Comics
These are by Joe and are sometimes more than one panel. Does my rebellion frighten you? Because it should, stuffed shirt. Get back in your conformity box and push your obedience pencil.

Jeff sums it up: A comic about a time traveling whale and his donkey,'s just random gibberish and crude drawings...IN COLOR!

Magic Donkey Goes to School
Magic Donkey Goes to School is a tragedy about Magic Donkey using his magic badly in his endless quest for friendship. It is an endless quest and it is a tragedy like Michael Bay's Black People Die Jivin'.

Read all about the world's worst internet comic, following the adventures of Sheriff Gringo and the wacky characters of El Town. Now with new Flash cartoons! Oh no!

LTM Comics
This is where we put all the comics that aren't even funny enough to warrant having their own section. In other words, everything that isn't called Spurt, Gringo or One Panel Comics.

Joe made these once, many moons ago. But those were different times and the Internet now demands a higher caliber of poorly drawn webcomic. Seriously though, I think Spurt sucks.

Joe's Powerpuff Girls Comics
Oh, my God! This is Joe! I am so, so sorry! No! Actually! These comics are genius! I think about them for like five days before I make one! Oh, my God!

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