Want to sue us? You should read this first!


I've put up this copyright notice which explains a bunch of stuff and then some. By visiting the site, you're automatically deemed to have read it, so don't get in touch with me unless you have read it.

The notice applies to any and all visitors to the site, regardless of whether we like you or not. Now click on one of the handy links above to go straight to the issue that bothers you. See how helpful I am?


Quite simply, if an image doesn't explicitly say that it belongs to us (as in Listen To Me), then the copyright is deemed to belong to the original holder.

For example, in a film review, any stills used from the movie for review purposes belong to the copyright holder. It's both insulting and stupid to think we'd claim to own the copyright to images from movies seen by millions of people. We're intending no copyright theft and making no money from the site. Images used in reviews are for legally kosher review, criticism and commentary purposes only.

And for your information, "explicitly" means a picture is either attributed as the work of one of the site's staff, or it has something like Copyright © LTM written on it. You're the lawyer, you should be able to tell.


If you e-mail us, we've got every right to publish the contents of that e-mail regardless of what it might be. We have the right to make you look an idiot by uploading whatever you e-mail us. And I'm not just talking about the spam messages that promise to increase my breast size then fail to deliver.


Likewise, if you e-mail us an article, review, rant, comic, picture or anything else that belongs to you, we have every right to upload it as soon as it arrives. Speedy delivery! By sending us your work, it's your consent for us to upload it. Don't worry, we'll credit you with it. Everyone deserves to be isolated for their horrific creations.


The Fake Sites section of this site contains mostly parodies of existing sites on the web. Parody, okay? We're not claiming ownership of any content from the sites they're making fun of, or claiming to be the brains behind anything nerdy like the HTML for the sites. Keep telling yourself: it's only a parody.


It's pretty simple. If you visit this site - even just one page of the mind-numbing experience - it's proof to us that you've read, accepted and understand this copyright notice. It applies to everyone from the second you arrive at the joy that is Listen To Me, and your presence on this site is considered evidence you've read this very page.

This website is © 2001-2008 Listen To Me. All pictures, sounds and other stuff which doesn't belong to us is © its respective owner(s). Everything else is a free-for-all. Steal anything we created (as if you'd ever want to) and we'll...well, we probably won't be motivated to do anything. But you never know. And yes, that is Colonel Sanders throwing a punch at this copyright notice. SMACK