2009 Jan 07

A rare update to the fake sites section! This is the culmination of something I started work on in 2005: LTM TV, the future of television. Oh, and it took so long because I'm lazy, not because I worked hard on it. Sorry!

Official Tourist Board of Afghanistan
2007 Jan 31

Here is a fake site from Gringo for the Official Tourist Board of Afghanistan. Gringo would like to say that this was made back in 2005, long before Borat became annoyingly over-profiled, but that he was only just able to retrieve the site from its secret computer cave. SPOOKY!

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My Fair Guy - A Musical

Coming to Broadway soon!

Sheriff Gringo For President 2004

I'm sorry, but I just had to do it.

Classified Briefing

Infiltrating infidel territory.


DarkChild69 tells all.

Beauty & Grace - A Robert Dole Fanpage

Ross reveals his true colours. Or colors, if you're an American. Or can't spell.

Sheriff Gringo For U.S. Senate 2002

I lied about it not being political.

Dubya's Diary

It won't be a politically themed fake site next time. Promise.

Axis Of Evil Homepage

Someone's been busy with Yahoo! PageBuilder.

International House Of Pancake Porn

The stickiest buns on the 'net.

Completely Rabid Unappealing Demagogues [CRUD]

CRUD's expert moral analysis of a chair.

Dr. Seuss Does Politics

Educational and entertaining...but it's not edutainment.

Police Academy

Steve Guttenburg and the other misfits reuniting again? Can life get better?

Politicians In Party Hats

A tribute to Fat Chicks In Party Hats, but with 50% less ham, and 99% less laughs.

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