Let's Play Primordia
2013 Mar 09

Because it is SUCH a LUCRATIVE endeavor, my friends and I did another Let's Play, this time of a relatively new adventure game, Primordia. Here is the first part. It's fine. Ho-hum.

Tough Love #1 - We Need to Talk About Gaming
2013 Jan 18

I started this video series called Tough Love for the website MMO Attack. It is about how gamer culture is the worst. This is the first one. Maybe I'll make more... If I'm not busy like sleeping or whatever.

Let's NOT Play Shadow of Destiny
2012 Dec 22

Turns out the world didn't end so you should live life to the fullest, starting by watching my friends and I curse out the old PS2 game Shadow of Destiny for a half-hour.

Hitman: Absolution Trailer EPIC Web-Video Reaction
2012 Jul 29

Here's probably the last stupid E3-related reaction video I'll ever do. It's for the beautiful piece of art that is the Hitman: Absolution trailer. It is goddamned ridiculous.

E3 2012 Conferences EPIC Web-Video Reaction - 3 - Nintendo (& EA)
2012 Jul 14

What's that? Hearing me scream at game conferences is the only way you can get off? Creepy, we have the same fetish.

Tomb Raider Trailer EPIC Web-Video Reaction
2012 Jul 02

Believe it or not, the Nintendo E3 Conference Reaction video is still genuinely on the way. In the interim, I've done this shameless terrorosity of a video that is a response to that famous new Tomb Raider trailer. You know, the one with the sexual assault that wasn't?

E3 2012 Conferences EPIC Web-Video Reaction - 2 - Sony (& Ubisoft)
2012 Jun 18

Thought I was done screamin'? I ain't. E3 2012 may be pretty damn over, but the suffering continues with my video about Sony (with a dollop of Ubisoft for good measure).

E3 2012 Conferences EPIC Web-Video Reaction - 1 - Microsoft
2012 Jun 13

I decided to make a video of me screaming at this year's E3 conferences for twenty minutes. If you are within the "aged 21-34, likes to hear Joe scream at video game conferences demographic," this should be right up your alley.
This is only the first part by the way.

Let's Play Bud Tucker in Double Trouble
2012 May 16

Hey, have you heard of Let's Plays? They're those YouTube videos where you just watch someone play through an ENTIRE GAME. Yeah, I don't get it either. So I set out with my friends and some booze and started playing through this crappy, old, unknown adventure game called Bud Tucker in Double Trouble. So you can watch us do that now, if you want.

Skullgirls EPIC Web-Video Review
2012 May 04

I decided it's time to move into the future and do video reviews like on TV so I did a review of Skullgirls using my voice and some pictures.

2010 Dec 15

Just in advance of Christmas, here's that review of 90s adventure game, Sanitarium, you've always wanted! And I even made it thesis-length and included all of my important and vaguely-research-backed musings about the history of video game narratives. What do you mean you wanted a complete set of Rock Band instruments? Get your head on straight.

Denis Through The Drinking Glass
2010 Mar 28

Surprise, you get another update! Keeping with this site's general inability to address anything from current pop culture, here's a review of a decades-old adventure game called Denis Through The Drinking Glass. I'll try harder next time. Perhaps.

A Bunch of Words About Maniac Mansion
2009 Nov 28

In keeping with our whole "only write about old Lucasarts' games" theme, Jeff sent me this thing about three different versions of Maniac Mansion quite some time ago and, keeping with my "only update once every few months" theme, I am only just putting it up now.

Action 52 - Part 1
2009 Aug 31

Oh, hi. Lauren's made like the Internet and reviewed(?) a piece of an infamously bad game for the NES called Action 52. Be warned that this is only part one of what I believe will be a 47-part article.

Monkey Island Retrospecticus: Escape from Monkey Island
2009 Aug 12

Oh man! Our Monkey Island Retrospecticus is complete finally! And it goes out with a fart because, well, there's no way around finishing this sucker off with Escape from Monkey Island, is there? Well, it was fun, but, oh, what's that? I've just been informed there are brand new Monkey Island games out. I will have to look into this and get back to you, okay?

Monkey Island Retrospecticus: The Curse of Monkey Island
2009 Aug 01

It's been seven long years, but here we are with the third game, The Curse of Monkey Island. Jeff's pictures are nothing short of awe-inspiring this time around. What else is there to say? Go and be learned like crazy.

Monkey Island Retrospecticus: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
2009 Jul 14

The new Tales of Monkey Island games are already out, but what do we care?! We still talkin' about OLD SHIT! Here's how Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge makes us all feel, you know, down there. Lolol.

Monkey Island Retrospecticus: The Secret of Monkey Island
2009 Jul 04

What better way to celebrate America's independence than by revisiting the Monkey Island series? Most of the site's supposed staff got together for this one. We're doing every game in order so, first, The Secret of Monkey Island. You've got opinions from all us cool cats, sweet-ass pictures by Jeff, and, most important, references to anal rape by Phenom. Hoo, doctor!

Braid and How Its Plot is All Shoehorney
2009 May 16

Here's a text dump about the game Braid that is my assessment of why its attempts at a storyline don't really work. It's not funny and if you want to but haven't played the game yet, you shouldn't read it due to spoilers. So it's only for people who've finished Braid and wish to hear lengthy opinions on the legitimacy of its story. Being easily accessible is sort of my thing.

Games You Should Be Playing
2009 Mar 25

Seems like Lauren recently came into some money, maybe about $30, because I'm pretty sure he just raided the bargain bin at his local Gamestop and grabbed these three gems to give us his unique opinion on. And by unique opinion I mostly mean not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're." ENGLISH MAJOR BURN.

Mega Man 9
2008 Sep 28

Jeff did a review of Mega Man 9, which is like the first Mega Man game in about thirty-billion years that doesn't have some kind of extra nonsense on the end of the title. Like, Mega Man X-Factor or Mega Man's Pie Shop or Too Many Mega Mans or Big Mega Man's House 2 with Martin Lawrence. So, yeah, time to celebrate.

The Only Guide to YouTube Video Game Reviews
2008 Jun 24

You wanna make them videos where you play video games and then explain to the internet how you feel about the game? ANGRILY? Well, Jeff has THE guide for YOUr ass. Check it out! It's better than a lot of the rest of the stuff on our website!!

Indiana Jones and the Old Computer Games
2008 Jun 18

OH MY GOD! I know EXACTLY what chu need. A FUCKING HUGE bunch of reviews of a SHITLOAD of old Indiana Jones computer games. Yeah, I wrote it. This ends our Indy theme thingy. So go savor all five-billion pages of this one.

Indiana Jones and the Games of Console
2008 Jun 16

AH, yes! Jeff has done a nice, meaty review of a bunch of the old Indiana Jones console games! And just like most of Jeff's reviews, it contains images that are in no way actually from the games in question or, technically, any other game ever, for that matter. I love it!! AND SO DO YOU.

Super Chick Sisters (or Finger Lickin' Fun)
2007 Aug 25

Jeff wrote a review of a Peta web game that blatantly rips off Super Mario Bros. and seems to indicate that to reject animal cruelty is to instead embrace Pamela Anderson. ...Bring on the buffalo wings!!!

OMG!!!! Even Rarer NES Games!!!!!!!
2007 Aug 03

WOAH!!!!!! Here's Jeff's "OMG!!!! Even Rarer NES Games!!!!!!!" It's the sequel to what is to date our most popular article! So you pretty much have to like it, unless you want the entire Internet as your enemy. WELL? HUH??? WANNA TRY IT?!? GET OUTTA MY FACE!!! Please enjoy.

Something About T-Shirts and Games
2007 Jul 10

Jeff is awesome so he wrote another thing that is awesome. It is about video games and t-shirts and what happens when they get together (and have sex). It pretty much is one of the best things in the world so I guess you'd better go read it.

Hotel Dusk: Room 315
2007 Feb 21

I've elected to stop contributing to society's destruction by selling my PSP and buying a Nintendo DS. Now I am a well-respected member of the community. Also, I bought this game Hotel Dusk: Room 315 and wrote a review of it. Should I say something else here? Na, that's good enough.

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18 Wheels of Steel: Across America
18 WAYS TO DIE!!! Maybe?

Rampage: Total Destruction
GROUNDBREAKING! No, just kidding.

NES Games You Have Never Played
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Exit [ PSP]
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Star Wars Galaxies
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Shippy shits.

Garfield's Winter Tail
I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. And...

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