Prince Of Persia
Review By: Weasel

At our house we have a Gamecube which is regularly hogged up by my very not-smart little sister who has no brain in her head! REALLY! For some reason we have the game Prince Of Persia for it. I always thought it was just an old Nintendo game, but now they've new-ed it up! So I pop it in and plays it for about 10 minutes and this is my review thus far!!

Pretty graphics explain a story of a man who is a prince in Persia. He has a sword and a do-rag kinda thing on his head and some baggy-assed Aladdin pants. Basically the object is to run around jumping onto rocks and stabbing bad people to death with your awesome sword. Its all fun for me until I have to jump across a ledge and I instead miss and just fall to my death. Oh and I ran up a wall in it, like Lauren!

So if you like running around and stabbing some things in egypt, get this game! That is all for now!!

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