Harvest Moon
Review By: Tiffany

Hello. I am writing to you today about a really awesome game called Harvest Moon. It is ranked #1 out of all three video games I own. You may think you know all about Harvest Moon, but my friend, you are wrong. This game is sometimes called "playstation's best loved video game of all time," and after this review you will know why.

Visualize yourself as a farmer. You are wearing overalls, a hat, and a cute bandana. The only asset you have (like all farmers) is your dog. In this game YOU get to live out your fantasy and try to save a run down farm and try to get the villagers to love you. No easy task when you have WEEDS.

Oh yeah.

These weeds grow all over and it is one pickle to get rid of them! Oh, unless you get this one cutting tool then its pretty easy. In addition to the trial of weeds, you have to raise chickens, cows, sheep, fish, and your horse! Yep it's pretty cool.

So you have this raising livestock thing down and your farm is running smoothly. Don't put your controller down too quickly young man! No, you still have to enter your dog in a race, beat this one pirate punk in a swimming contest, win the tomato festival and a bunch of other things! I recommend getting your brother to play these parts because they can get REALLY hard. You can even marry the docile housewife of your dreams! An awesome part of having a wife is if you get tired of having her march around your kitchen all day, you can give her logs and weeds and it will make her go away.

If you aren't convinced this is the best game in the world of all time ever, you probably don't have very good taste in video games and I pity whoever christmas shops for you.

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