Something About T-Shirts and Games
By: Jeff

People love video games and people love t-shirts so it only makes sense to put them together as many across the Internet and even that pulsating hole of prefabricated teenage angst, Hot Topic, have done. But I'm not here to bring anyone down with stories of goth and emo kids shuffling their feet to the latest band to come out with a song about self-loathing. No, I'm here to talk about t-shirts with VG slogans and pictures on them.

Apparently there's money to be made with these things and nobody seems to be getting sued by the companies that, you know, own the rights to these characters and graphics so I decided to get in on it and whip up a few specialty shirts that probably won't ever be for sale in reality. As an added bonus, I'm even going to tell you a little about them.

See, this shirt here is perfect for anyone who loves cars and has seen an 80's movie. People will approach whoever wears it with comments such as, "Dude, I remember the word 'Rad' and cars are awesome!" You really can't miss with something like this.

This next shirt features what many will assume to be Crocodile Dundee because it features a crocodile and some guy so, naturally, it must be related to Paul Hogan and his illustrious film career. Who can argue with logic like that and, as a bonus, the wording is also the title of a Creedence Clearwater Revival song so anyone who wears it is sure to get some looks and high-fives at the next County Fair.

Here we have a classy little piece sure to be enjoyed by the active guy in anyone's life. It features the beloved role model for the kids, Doc Louis, and his trademark bicycle on the left breast side for some reason. The perfect gift for anyone on the go or that special someone that just likes to show that they're "down" with black people and their love of cycling.

Here we have this saucy number and its suggestive words sure to please all who wear it. In many studies done by a bunch of guys in lab coats, it's been discovered that women enjoy the Zelda series. So what better way to get her attention than with a little Nintennuendo? See what I did there?

Shirts aren't the only things that people are slapping old NES sprites onto nowadays. Some have moved up to posters and stickers featuring all your favorite characters and games. The only logical step from here is for these gaming icons to appear in counter-culture protest posters and other forms of public misbehaving. With that in mind, I'm going to jump the gun and introduce the first of what I assure you are many in a long line of politically charged, game expressed opinions.

Yeah, that's right, 100% original. Soon people will be sticking these next to posters of Che Guerra and Chairman Mao and the youth of our nation will have yet another figure that they know nothing about to idolize. That's what really matters, the children, and so I'm doing this for them and by this I mean nothing. You're welcome kids, you're welcome.

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