Muppet Adventure: Chaos At The Carnival

Grab your tomatoes!

A Boy And His Blob

David Crane's wacky tale of action, adventure and white slavery.

Gold Rush

Ain't never heard of this game.

Daze Before Christmas

Santa's gonna kick some ass and you'll hate every minute of it!


Including a really big, powerful bee.

EA Rugby 2001

It's in the game! Unfortunately!

Silent Hill 2

There's a lack of good zombies.

Amazon Trail

No, it's not just the Oregon Trail again! There's WATER now!

Madden 2002

Y'all need to shut the hell up.

Star Wars: Force Commander

All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets.

Ross' Console Round-Up Craptacular

Almost as long as his A.I. review. Run away!


Build a theme park. Or don't.

Maniac Mansion

Of Meteors and Men. Well, teenagers. And one very warm hamster.


A kick ass platformer that you haven't heard of.

Ring Of Red

"Oh, hello! I am the worst game ever!".

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