North & South

It's the Civil War! Only it's not!

The Leisure Suit Larry Series

No good!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

With a guest appearance by Flock Of Seagulls.

Dark Age Of Camelot

It's like simulated world war. Except with smurfs and elves and hammers.

Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness

Sometimes it gets boring being right all the time.

Resident Evil: Gun Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica

Because I went to the arcade.

Seymour At The Movies

Where did Bobby Gershwin go?

Enter The Matrix

Much better than the film.

Mega Man

Jeff's not a fan of Gutsman.

Adventures In The Magic Kingdom

Press left! Press right! Press up! Press down! Have no fun!

Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb


Tony Tough And The Night Of The Roasted Moths

Further proof that Italians are only good at organized crime and making spaghetti.

Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine

Why'd it have to be snakes? Because it's a snake pit, you fuck!

Luigi's Mansion

Real purdy.


I haven't written anything for a while so whatever.

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