Gringo Flash

Everyone's least popular Wild West Sheriff is back! And worse than ever! Here are the Gringo flash movies, made by Ross, mostly written by Joe and voiced by anyone we could con into helping out.

Episode #1

A deadly kind of preview.

Episode #2

Oh my god, it's back...

Episode #3

Happy Birthday Gringo.

Episode #4

Geekmelt something.

Episode #5

A baby does not get shot in this episode.

Episode #6

Ayran Potato Head.

Episode #7

The Trickle Down Theory.

Episode #8

Everything Is Perfectly Normal.

Episode #9

Blingmelt something.

Episode #10

My Little Buttercup.

Gringo Comics

This is how Gringo came to be. The first short-lived, very poor attempt of mine (I only drew it! Blame the stories on Joe!) at an internet comic. For some reason I thought that a comic set in the Wild West starring a dim-witted Sheriff, a homosexual criminal mastermind and someone called Deputy Mimosa would be the best thing in the world. Ever. Great. Anyway, the Gringo comics got the swift death they deserved and the 'series' was killed off nearly as soon as it began. However, the stupid Sheriff is back - in the form of the fine movies above, and it's going to stay that way. Whilst there won't be anymore comics (but oh, so many movies! Well, if we can be bothered), you can see all eight of the original ones here:

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