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How to Use Satirical Guides in a Literal Sense
2008 Dec 16

We're very proud of Lauren for recently inspiring three young ladies to attempt to rob a Dollar Tree with a guide he wrote about how to commit armed robbery. In response to this momentous event, he's written a new guide containing more words his convict fans are sure to not understand.

Weezer: The Red Album
2008 Dec 15

Hey! Thanks for your patience and by you I mean nobody. So how am I rewarding nobody? With an overly long, somewhat belated review of Weezer's Red Album. Don't get used to this updating nonsense. I'm no big fan of it.

Dinin' Wit Strainjars
2008 Nov 26

LOOK! WE ARE BACK with a link to another site. Gringo, who started this site, has a NEW site with the gimmick idea of having strangers eat dinner with him. Fittingly enough, it's called Dining with Strangers. Also, I'm the first person he "interviewed" for the site so go read my insights on salad and see a photo of me looking like a sandwich-eating pedo.

Synecdoche, New York
2008 Nov 09

I saw Charlie Kaufman's new movie, Synecdoche, New York. I'd like to say I wish I hadn't, but then I'd have nothing to be indignant about today. This is our 200th movie review, by the way. That's gotta be some kinda milestone, right? Right?! Anyone?!? PLEASE! ANSWER ME!!!!

Ghost Comics
2008 Oct 31

Oh my. I did intend for this to go up yesterday but I'm afraid it was just not possible. These are some Ghost Comics by Jeff. For Halloween, guys! If you want to know what fun you are in for, here is the word straight from the horse's (Jeff) mouth: It's comics with ghosts in them but they're all acting like people and shit.

Freaky Farley
2008 Oct 27

The guy who made this movie asked if I wanted to review it and was kind enough to even ship it to me in the UK. And, in return, I waited over a year to review it. I am not a good man, to be sure, but, on the bright side, it's a pseudo-horror flick, so it coincides quite well with the season, no? Yes. No?! YES!!! Ok ok, let's not argue anymore.

A Sandwich Like No Other - Now Gotz Pictures
2008 Oct 25

About twenty-three years ago I wrote a kind of-rhyming story about a sandwich and I asked people to draw pictures for it. Which, like, EVERYBODY totally did. But I only just now decided on one guy's art to put up because his uh...eye is so, um....good at art-seeing and, uh, making it too. It's sorta a spooky story I guess. Oooh, Halloween-style and shit.

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