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2008 Oct 16

I'm putting another old, Classic(k) article up. This is one I wrote back when I was doing temp work and it is about the benefits of said work. That was just the beginning of my fast track to success because now I'm, um, unemployed. Who decided this article was classic? Me. I'm a maverick. Lol.

Herbie for some reason
2008 Oct 11

Gringo told me to do an update with his horrifyingly old review of all the old Herbie the Love Bug movies. This is the first part, but there's a link to the second in there if you really want. I'm also meant to put a link to this Herbie fan site. Hey, don't ask me, I just work here.

One Panel #51
2008 Oct 07

Remember how I used to make those One Panel Comics? No, of course you don't. You're one of those people who got here by googling "kid porn" or something equally tasteful. We pop up for searches like that a lot for some reason. Anyway, here's my second ever political comic that successfully avoids any actual political issues. KID PORN, KID PORN, KID PORN!!!

Why Is This Happening? - Fireproof in the Top 5 at the Box Office
2008 Oct 02

I don't understand these U.S. Americas, but I do my best to try. So here's a thing I wrote called "Why Is This Happening?" that is supposed to shed some light on things. In this case we are trying to figure out why a Christian movie, Fireproof, is in the top five at the box office. Come along with me on an adventure in edutainment!

Mega Man 9
2008 Sep 28

Jeff did a review of Mega Man 9, which is like the first Mega Man game in about thirty-billion years that doesn't have some kind of extra nonsense on the end of the title. Like, Mega Man X-Factor or Mega Man's Pie Shop or Too Many Mega Mans or Big Mega Man's House 2 with Martin Lawrence. So, yeah, time to celebrate.

Classic LTM -- Rainbow: Zippy Is Tongue-Tied
2008 Sep 24

While the LTM management is locked in employment contract negotiations with the gremlins that write our new copy, kill some time reading this years-old review of the rather odd British television show Rainbow.

V for Vendetta
2008 Sep 20

I know why you come to Listen To Me -- it's for reviews of movies that came out more than a year ago. Well! To satisfy your desires, here's my take on V for Vendetta.

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