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The Only Guide to YouTube Video Game Reviews
2008 Jun 24

You wanna make them videos where you play video games and then explain to the internet how you feel about the game? ANGRILY? Well, Jeff has THE guide for YOUr ass. Check it out! It's better than a lot of the rest of the stuff on our website!!

Treasure Island
2008 Jun 21

To help you recover from our Indiana Jones theme week, here's a short Lazy LTM review. That's right, terrible writing in 500 words or less! Today, learn about the book Treasure Island.

Indiana Jones and the Old Computer Games
2008 Jun 18

OH MY GOD! I know EXACTLY what chu need. A FUCKING HUGE bunch of reviews of a SHITLOAD of old Indiana Jones computer games. Yeah, I wrote it. This ends our Indy theme thingy. So go savor all five-billion pages of this one.

Indiana Jones and the Games of Console
2008 Jun 16

AH, yes! Jeff has done a nice, meaty review of a bunch of the old Indiana Jones console games! And just like most of Jeff's reviews, it contains images that are in no way actually from the games in question or, technically, any other game ever, for that matter. I love it!! AND SO DO YOU.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Gringo's Opinion
2008 Jun 12

Here it is! The most anticipated Indiana Jones #4 review ever!!! Gringo's! EVER!!!! GRINGO'S!!!! EVER!!!!!!!! And we got more Indy-based content to s**** your p*****s with so don't go anywhere! That's right! Leave the page open all the time and never close it! EVER!!!!! GRINGO'S!!!!!!!!!!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Joe's Opinion
2008 Jun 10

Ok, here's mine. That means Gringo's is last and it's going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Mine will make you blow a goat. I'm so talented!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Jeff's Opinion
2008 Jun 09

Now Jeff, Gringo, and I, Joe, are going to give you our respective opinions on the new Indiana Jones film because that's totally not gonna get old. Here's Jeff's review. I wonder if he'll be unsettled by me plastering his name across an image of a crystal skull. Well, these are his demons to deal with.

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