Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


Den of Geek Community Season 4 Ep 1 Review
2013 Feb 10

Okay, so here's my review of the first episode of Season 4 of what I'm told is the show Community, but so far I don't see any real evidence of that.

Den of Geek Community Season 3 Lookback
2013 Feb 08

Hello, my children! In honor of what is already turning to be a shitty fourth season, I wrote a big old review/retrospecticus on Community's third season for this other site. Click on picture and go see, I suppose.

2013 Jan 31

What up, chumps? Apologies for the "chumps" crack. I have a story called "To Mine Blood" gonna be published in a sci-fi anthology in March. You can pre-order it now. And the kicker? I don't even LIKE sci-fi. Hahahahaha, what!? I'm nutzoid. Please buy my thing.

The Simpsums - Season 24 Ep. 11 "The Changing of the Guardian"
2013 Jan 29

Hello, guys. I realized I'm like the only person who still watches new Simpsons episodes so I decided to provide the helpful public service of doing video summaries of them for society. So this is the one that aired on Sunday.

Tough Love #1 - We Need to Talk About Gaming
2013 Jan 18

I started this video series called Tough Love for the website MMO Attack. It is about how gamer culture is the worst. This is the first one. Maybe I'll make more... If I'm not busy like sleeping or whatever.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP on Hardcore Droid
2013 Jan 06

Here's another review I wrote that I wasn't even remotely thinking about you guys when I wrote it. Sorry. It's of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, a game I actually rather like, so you won't be laughing, pal.

Let's NOT Play Shadow of Destiny
2012 Dec 22

Turns out the world didn't end so you should live life to the fullest, starting by watching my friends and I curse out the old PS2 game Shadow of Destiny for a half-hour.

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