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Unfunny #27
2008 May 16

Okay, I guess I filled the quota of new people joining the forum that I wanted; a nice, even number. A nice, even, circular number. Anyway, here's Jeff's second Unfunny - Bit Buddies comic. It's filled to the brim with racism! Ahhh, refreshing!!!

Forum EN Emotes Woah!!
2008 May 05

Hey! This counts as an update, right? We have a GREEAAATT forum, you know. And Jeff has been making fancy emoticons unique to us! Now you can express the same emotions as all the characters from The Enchanted Nemesis series!!! And, more importantly, a dead hooker. JOIN US.

Mindless Self Indulgence: If
2008 Apr 24

According to the Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of the ways to never get a girlfriend is by having a deep respect for the band Mindless Self Indulgence. This explains a lot! Here's a review of their new album, If, which, yes, I have a deep respect for. Ah, it is to weep!

Clowning Around With VeeKay - #7
2008 Apr 22

Good news! VeeKay is back with another article. Click away to find out why the upcoming date of May 1st is so important to clowns, and how it relates to a campaign for a national holiday. Seriously.

Unfunny 26
2008 Apr 17

Jeff is a nice kid so he made a new UnFunny that is part of series called Bit Buddies, instead of being a pain in the ass like me and making a whole new comic every five months and then never updating any of them. It's best to just have one comic you never update. I support Jeff fully in this endeavor.

The Darjeeling Limited
2008 Apr 10

I only just saw The Darjeeling Limited so I wrote a review-thing of it. I'm using that picture of Natalie Portman's ass to entice "readers," although you can get far better versions of it all over the inter- I mean, uh, EXCLUSIVE NATALIE PORTMAN POSTERIOR!! GO GO GOOOO!!!

Michelangelo's David - The Definitive Review
2008 Apr 05

Hello, my name is Joe. I will be serving your internet today. I reviewed Michelangelo's David. Yes, that's right. The sculpture thing. I can review whatever I want. See you later.

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