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Write For Us Reminder
2008 Mar 27

Joe's traveling in space right now, and I am busy with negotiations over the movie rights to Sheriff Gringo: A Face Full of Bullets, so no new updates. But hey, you could always submit your own article. What are you waiting for?!

Classic LTM -- Muppet Babies
2008 Mar 17 I kind of stopped writing new stuff for a while. Whoops! While I think of something to make fun of, enjoy this Classic LTM article on the old Muppet Babies cartoon.

Little Red Riding Hood Dealy
2008 Mar 08

Woah! Hey! How are ya?! Jeff has written a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. It' I drew the pictures! I drew the pictures!! I drew the pictures!!! I think we're done here.

Stupid UK Movie Ads
2008 Feb 25

I wrote a piece about the annoying advertisements that currently play before you get to see the previews and then get to see a film in the UK. I've included YouTube videos of all these wonderful productions, which means that, some day, this article will be a graveyeard of broken links. Yay!

Now That's News! - Goats!
2008 Feb 20

I decided to make another feature I'll only ever do once called Now That's News! in which I grab an important story off of a news webpage to discuss it. Like this one from MSN about goats. Smooshed goat head says go read it! Then he mocks your manhood.

Juno - Second Opinion
2008 Feb 17

Suddenly, a new update! Shock! So, what did I do? I wrote a second opinion of a film Gringo's already reviewed, Juno. What's the difference between his review and mine? About a gazillion pages. Seriously, this may be the longest thing ever written for this website. Um, huzzah? Please enjoy wading through my rhetoric. Hey, at least there are pictures. Mmm.

Classick LTM - Jon Stewart LIVE!!!
2008 Feb 16

Here's a ClassicK LTM article I wrote when I went to go see Jon Stewart LIVE!!! many, many years ago. I have a new update on the way soon, though. I swear. You anticipate so much.

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