Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


Paul Gilligan
2008 Feb 11

Ignore the lack of updates last week and instead focus on a new interview for your reading pleasure as I ask questions of Paul Gilligan, the creator of the spiffy comic Pooch Cafe.

Write for Us - Now With Mean!!!
2008 Feb 05

Say! Did you know that you can write some stuff for us and we might probably maybe who knows put it up on the site?! Yes! But, now, there's a catch. A sexy catch! Intrigued, aren't you? WELLITY!!! Click on Uncle Sam to learn what INTERNET SECRETS ARE CONCEALED WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mardi Gras in the Moment
2008 Feb 05

With Mardi Gras taking place tomorrow, enjoy this timely short review of the book Mardi Gras in the Moment. Then go get drunk and flash your titties at someone. Please?

Definitely Finally Yet Even More Life After Walt
2008 Feb 01

Happy end of January everybody! To put a smile on your face on this very special day I'm serving a steaming pile of sh...uh, I mean a really great article concluding my intermittent series reviewing a bunch of Disney animated movies. It also has the worst article title ever.

2008 Jan 30

Jeff is here to save the day with a review of Rambo. No, not the original movie, but the new fourth in the series with the exact same name. Way to be original, Sly.

The Pipettes
2008 Jan 28

I'll start the week as I mean to go on, by putting minimal effort into things. Hence, another short Lazy LTM review for you. On this most special of Mondays, discover the joy of British band The Pipettes.

Mamma Mia!
2008 Jan 26

Here's something for the weekend: a review of the Broadway musical Mamma Mia! full of all kinds of joy. Oh, and they're making a movie version featuring a singing Pierce Brosnan. Yeah.

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