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2E2N New Website Can You Believe It?
2008 Jan 08

I thank Gringo for making the new 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis website that I've been wanting for like fifty-something years now. What do you mean it looks familiar? You crazy. Anyway, if you hadn't gone to watch the movie yet, you're an ungrateful son and now is your chance to make it up to me.

Clowning Around With VeeKay - #6
2008 Jan 08

What better way is there to start your week than by getting another article by everyone's favorite Zoot Suit clown VeeKay? Go on, wise guy, tell me what better way! Can't speak, huh? Thought so. Now shut your trap.

2008 Jan 05

Ahoy-hoy! In the interests of updating this site more frequently -- but not wanting to always write 30,000 word essays per update -- I'm starting Lazy LTM, which will be for quick and easy reviews of 500 words or less. Let's start things off with my take on the movie Juno.

The Haunted Mansion
2008 Jan 04

Here's a review of the Disney movie The Haunted Mansion. In other news, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. Useful to know as you head into the weekend. Have a good one, fatty!

LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza!
2008 Jan 03

Rather than offering my own best and worst of 2007, I turned to some of our former interviewees to get their input. The results? Why, the LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza! of course. Go read!

Classic LTM - Joe's Best & Worst of 2006
2008 Jan 01

Children! There's a brand new, rather spiffy end of year article coming soon, but for now be patient and relive Joe's best and worst of 2006. Happy New Year, and all that.

The Finer Points of Christmas Baking
2007 Dec 29

Here's a spectacularly interesting thing a girl named Caity from our forum wrote about Christmas baking ca;slkmmmmmmmllkkkkkkklllp oh sorry, I fell asleep there for a second. Anyway, I know it's passed now, but you know where it's always Xmas? In my mind, baby. I have a beautiful mind.

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