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A Super Happy Cold War Christmas Story
2007 Dec 25

Here is my great joke: What do you smoke on Christmas? ...Christmas trees! HAHAHA! Drugs. Anyway, here's Jeff's thing finally. It's a beautiful rhyming poem for children. So gather the children around and read it as a family. Then don't sue.

The Worst Christmas Songs Ever
2007 Dec 24

I lied to you. That's right! During the Christmas season! Colllld as ice!!! This is another thing by me, although it's actually new. It's a list of the worst Christmas songs ever. I am the first person in the universe to do this. Jeff's article goes up Xmas day-ish then. Good, glad that's settled.

Guitar Hero XMas Repostage
2007 Dec 22

Joseph here to shower more old content on you! I'm reposting my family-friendly animation, A Guitar Hero Christmas, because I didn't even have it finished on time last year, so now I get to pretend I had it ready for this Christmas. Jeff actually made something new so I'll put it up tomorrow.

The Only Good Christmas Songs
2007 Dec 21

Here's more Classic Christmas LTM for you -- Joe's important article on the only good Christmas songs. That's the last update from me till the 31st, so play safe over the holidays and go do festive things. Or else!

White Christmas
2007 Dec 19

Question: is the story about the eagle on the dollar bill facing arrows in war time and the olive branch in peace time a myth or true? On another tangent, here's a festive review of White Christmas.

Official Father Christmas
2007 Dec 18

Hey Kinder Eggs, thanks for visiting. As I only just "returned" to this site, I didn't really plan a new series of Yuletide updates. But while I work on one, enjoy a slice of Classic Christmas LTM -- a review of the crappy old Amstrad CPC 6128 game Official Father Christmas.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
2007 Dec 15

Happy Saturday, everybody! To celebrate this wonderful day, you can have a rather sour review of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Guess I won't be getting that tour of the Skywalker Ranch anytime soon.

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