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Classick LTM - Dracula Sucks
2007 Oct 29

Oh yeah, Halloween. Didn't make you anything new so here's Gringo's old, still-gets-a-lot-of-Google-hits article, "Dracula Sucks!" I'll have more wonderful Magic Donkey for you soon and I will probably keep making more because it's easy and I like it. If you don't, please try shrugging and then just imagine if you did that a hundred times harder. That's what I'm doing.

Walker Profiling - Part 3 of 3
2007 Oct 19

How's it going, Internet? Here's the SHOCKING CLIMAX of my belated swan song for NYC (not because I'm plotting anything terrorism-based, but because I moved to the UK). Hey, did anybody else notice how there are no people of color in any of my drawings? No? Oh, then I made that up.

2007 Oct 15

Ross, who used to do stuff for this site back before it was even okay to admit in public that you used the internet, now has a blog about animals fighting people and also fighting other animals, I'm pretty sure. It's called Battlezoo. Click there and leave me be.

Magic Donkey -1.5
2007 Oct 07

So, remember last time when I said updates would be less frequent but of a generally higher quality?? Well, good news! Half of that was true!!! MAAAAGIIIIIIC DOOOONKEEEEYYYYYY!! BACK BY POPULAR(?) DEMAND!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Walker Profiling - Part 2 of 3
2007 Sep 25

Part 2 of Walker Profiling is up. Incidentally, the status of Listen to Me is that updates will likely be much less frequent but they'll be of a generally higher quality when they do happen, at least in terms of this website. I smell Pulitzer!!!! No, wait, it's ham.

Magic Donkey Goes to School
2007 Sep 20

So, I've no idea what's going to happen with LTM right now. I want to finish my Walker Profiling thing and the ridiculously delayed 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis should launch eventually, but I might need to take a hiatus or update less frequently. For now, look at this comic I made, which might be the worst thing I've ever put up on the site. Which is certainly saying something.

Unfunny #25
2007 Sep 16

Jeff's made an Unfunny comic that pretty accurately sums up just about every situation that wacky Sonic the Hedgehog has ever gotten himself into. Now you have no reason to ever play his games again. And, unless you're under ten years old, you didn't really have one in the first place.

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