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Classick LTM - Hijinks at the State Fair
2007 Sep 12

Forgive me, but I sort of just moved out of the country so things might be a little slow around here for awhile. YES STARTING JUST NOW, SMARTY PANTZ. This is a classick article by Ross, who not only never does anything for the site anymore, he only pulls it up on his puter to spit at the screen. Just like all the people who come back here with any degree of frequency.

Walker Profiling - Part 1 of 3
2007 Sep 08

This is the first part of an article I did called "Walker Profiling" that divides up the types of pedestrians you tend to run into in NYC into adorable categories. Marvel at how quickly I became fed up with drawing the pictures! And how VIOLENT they all are!!! Why all the violence, mother?!??? MOTHER!!!

Classick LTM - Silent Hill 2 Review
2007 Sep 04

Sorry to pull another Classick LTM, but it seems I don't really love you after all. I'm planning one multi-part update shortly, following which...WHO KNOWS!!!!!??? We shall see what happens, shan't we? In the meantime, this is Jeff's first piece of work for the site ever, a review of Silent Hill 2.

One Panel Comic #49
2007 Aug 28

Today I make-a for you One Panel Comic. Made with Uncle Joe's special herbs and spices. Fresh today just-a for you. Ey, dat's a real nice, ah? Oh!!!

Super Chick Sisters (or Finger Lickin' Fun)
2007 Aug 25

Jeff wrote a review of a Peta web game that blatantly rips off Super Mario Bros. and seems to indicate that to reject animal cruelty is to instead embrace Pamela Anderson. ...Bring on the buffalo wings!!!

Reply to All #2
2007 Aug 21

If you read the thing I told you to read last time, then come read all this nonsense. If not, go back and read the first thing, then all the rest of this stuff. If you don't like any of this, please take it up with the management. Actually, on second thought, leave me alone.

Reply to All
2007 Aug 17

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