Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


Classick LTM - Pancake Porn
2007 Aug 12

Can't be arsed.

2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis - The First Ten Minutes!!!
2007 Aug 07

GUESS FUCKING WHAT!!!! I am doing like the bigtime studios and have made only THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF 2 ENCHANTED 2 NEMESIS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING ON YOUTUBE!! Watch it now! And loooose your miiiiinnddd!!!!!! Then discuss it in the forum. Love, Joe.

OMG!!!! Even Rarer NES Games!!!!!!!
2007 Aug 03

WOAH!!!!!! Here's Jeff's "OMG!!!! Even Rarer NES Games!!!!!!!" It's the sequel to what is to date our most popular article! So you pretty much have to like it, unless you want the entire Internet as your enemy. WELL? HUH??? WANNA TRY IT?!? GET OUTTA MY FACE!!! Please enjoy.

One Panel #48
2007 Jul 31

New One Panel Comic. The next two updates we're gonna have stand likely to knock your mother's socks off then beat her within an inch of her life and then flip her over and crap in her mouth. So stay tuned!!!

The Simpsons Movie
2007 Jul 27

In true geek form, I saw The Simpsons Movie at midnight last night. So now you get to read my deathly serious review of it. What, you think I am kidding about that? Go read it and feel my moroseness ooze out of the internet at you. Keep some paper towels on hand.

The Year 2012
2007 Jul 23

Gosh! That Jeff is just like an assembly line of creativity, churning out wacky conceptual articles and purty pictures. Here's something he's written about his predictions for the year 2012. It doesn't have naked ladies in it, though, and I keep asking him "Where are all the naked ladies?" and he's like, "In my bed" and I am all, "TMI, dude! T-M-I!!!"

Marriott Needs a New Ad Agency
2007 Jul 20

Here's quite the classy update! I just stole two Marriott ads from IMDB and put them up here to mock them. Please enjoy.

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