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Guitar Hero XMas WHAT AGAIN
2012 Dec 18

Obviously it's time for this again. I mean, when is it not time for this? If you said, "When it's not Christmastime," you are correct.

Dr. Sunflower Xmas Again Whocares
2012 Dec 15

You love it.

Cellar Door Purgatory on Hardcore Droid
2012 Nov 21

Yo, chumps. I've been writing so-called professional reviews for this Android Gaming site. I have to actually be critical and fair and not a total prick sometimes, but then I get games I get to be a prick for, just like you like. So here's one of those. Also, go over and give the site lots of traffic because that will mean I'll get money and it's time you started paying me back.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
2012 Nov 04

Hey champerinos! Remember when we used to do reviews around here? Well, let's all relive the glory days with this brand-spanking new assessment of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Incidentally, I tend to just stuff my silly capsule reviews (and MORE) into my lousy Grumblr these days, so you should be looking at that if you appreciate compounding rubbish.

Let's Play Bud Tucker in Double Trouble - Part Ten IT'S OVER
2012 Oct 22

This is FINALLY the conclusion of "Let's Play Bud Tucker in Double Trouble." As a special treat for you, the last three episodes are just my friends and I never shutting up with a whole lotta FUNNY PIX edited over it! Hee hee! Whatta trip! Good Christ, this took half a year to do. Never again.

Community Spec Script - "The Science of Sleep Deprivation
2012 Oct 02

Hey, I wrote this spec script for Community that will never bring me the fame, fortune, and acceptance I crave so you can just go get it for free at my blog-thing and read it and go "what is the point of this lengthy fan fiction bullshit?" Have a blast.

Let's Play Bud Tucker in Double Trouble - Episode Nine
2012 Sep 20


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