Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


2007 Jul 16

I just saw Transformers over the weekend, so, as a treat for you all, I've used my amazing influence and oral sex administering skills to obtain this exclusive advance-as-hell copy of the screenplay for Michael Bay's next breathtaking opus...'SPLOSIONS. Check it out! It'll make ya shit!!!!

Something About T-Shirts and Games
2007 Jul 10

Jeff is awesome so he wrote another thing that is awesome. It is about video games and t-shirts and what happens when they get together (and have sex). It pretty much is one of the best things in the world so I guess you'd better go read it.

2007 Jul 04

Here's a review-sort-of of Ratatouille, although it stands likely to be most amusing, if anybody, to the people who saw the movie already, thus completely ignoring the purpose of a review. Hey, at least it's short, right?

An Introduction to Anime
2007 Jun 29

Jeff wrote an incredibly wonderful Introduction to Anime for you all. I helped with some-a-da pictures!! It's awesome, go read it. Also, Jeff's been making sweet-ass emoticons UNIQUE!!! to our forum so CHECK DAT CRAZY SHIT OUT!!! Something scary: the image to the left (bigger version in the article) is on the first page of a Google image search for "anime."

I Hate Mountain Dew
2007 Jun 25

That "guy," Lauren, "wrote" "something" about Mountain Dew. "Please" "enjoy" "it."

One Panel #47
2007 Jun 21

Here is a new One Panel Comic. It is arguable that there is even actually a joke in here. Or that you can even tell what I was trying to draw. Or that we are on this earth for any purpose. DISCUSS IN FORUM!!!!

Google Search for ""
2007 Jun 18

I guess it was Listen to Me's sixth (I said it was last year too, but it was actually our fifth...oops?!) birthday last week. Here is how we are celebrating. Last week, trying to find out how popular I am, I did a Google search for "" and here is what I found. Note that this only worked for maybe like two days...but those two days were WILD, MAN!!!

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