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Ridiculous Foreigner of the Month: Mira Craig
2007 Jun 12

I would like to introduce a new feature here at LTM that I call RIDICULOUS FOREIGNER OF THE MONTH!!! Note that there's a very good chance that this is the only time this feature will actually happen. Anyway, learn everything you need to know about Mira Craig, RIGHT THE HECK NOW!!!

Living w/ Internet
2007 Jun 07

Jeff drew some pretty pictures demonstrating what life looked like before the Internet and then, and here's the clincher, what life looks like AFTER the Internet. You see now? We are on another level. You are in the basement. Get back in the basement. Gosh, I'm tired.

Knocked Up
2007 Jun 04

Knocked Up.

Spurt #48
2007 May 30

Hey! Remember that comic "Spurt" that I used to do? No, of course you don't. Well, it's back! I'd like to think that somewhere five dorks with really poor senses of humor are rejoicing. Did I mention our forum no longer sucks? Well, actually, that's not necessarily true, but it's not broken anyway.

Forums Yet again
2007 May 27

Thanks to John from Morphine Nation we now have yet another new forum. It looks a lot like the last one except it's not broken all of the time. Also, I've been informed that this new forum is the latest model and does not allow me to be mean to the people on it. But that doesn't stop me from lying on the front page.

Twatology for kicks
2007 May 24

I'm starting to feel like shutting this site down once and for friggin' all. Who's with me? Ah, your silence is almost as deafening as your indifference, which is drowned out only by your non-existence. Fancy that. Here's some rhyming thingy about twats I did this one time.

Harry Potter and the Seventh Book
2007 May 21

This gentleman named Raptor (I swear it is his real name; his parents are drug addicts and also curators at the Natural History Museum) wrote a pre-review of the seventh Harry Potter book! Wow! Talk about exclusive!!! How'd he manage this, you ask?! Why, magic, of course, you stupid fuck!

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