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Unfunny 24
2007 May 17

A new Unfunny comic. Here's the word straight from Jeff's sweet, soft, pink mouth: "In light of current events, I felt the need to voice my opinion on the death of Rev. Jerry Falwell and so I've done just that in the form of another UnFunny I call 'Reverend Falwell's Excellent Adventure.'"

Day Night Day Night
2007 May 14

Here's a review of a movie that came out on Friday that you probably haven't even heard of, Day Night Day Night, and, unless you have heard of it, the less you know the better, so I suggest not reading my review. Not that you needed me to tell you that. Ungrateful...

Spurt Flash Rehash Hahahahahaha
2007 May 12

Guess what I am doing. I am posting the Spurt flash animation. It's the only flash animation I've ever done. It's not good. Shamefully awful, actually. I did it like seventy years ago. Ah, seventy years ago. Those were the days. No, actually, those days were not very cool either. Hey, uh! Watch the thing, kids! :o)!!!

One Panel #46
2007 May 07

Hee! I like how every message board I get has to be broken most of the time. Ah well. Here's a new comic. I don't know if it's funny or just kind of disturbing.

The Forum is Stupid
2007 May 03

This mildly concerns like five people. I got a new (temporary?) forum. Note that only the forum link button on the main page works because I'm too lazy to change it on the other pages right now. And maybe the other forum will some day come back zombie-style and start eating usernames or something. That'd be sorta cool. More just dorky, though.

Classick LTM - Junk Mail
2007 Apr 29

MORE!!! Classick LTM. Hey, what do you want me to do? Nobody's writing stuff for me and I have things to do. Not a lot of things, mind you, but, come on, these video games/homeless children aren't going to beat themselves! Oh, that broken forum. Tee hee.

2007 Apr 26

It's a good thing this site is in no way considered a legitimate authority on anything or else people might be annoyed at how late this review of Grindhouse is. The review's a tad lengthy, but look at it this way: at least it's not THREE HOURS AND ELEVEN MINUTES LONG.

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