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One Panel #45
2007 Apr 23

Here's another comic, why not? I think I might put up more comics from now on and put up written materials when we happen to have them. Because it's a lot easier. And, yes, the quality of my comics will decrease markedly. And they said it couldn't be done!!! ...But it can be done! (music)

Palomar - All Things, Forests
2007 Apr 19

I wrote a review of an album by a band you may have not even heard of. The band is Palomar. They make sweet earlove to you with their rock music. Check them out and stop telling me I never expose you to anything nice. Remember the Little Miss Prepubescent Pageant? You loved doing that.

One Panel #44
2007 Apr 09

Okay, here's a belated One Panel Comic for Easter. Here's hoping you can make out who the shit that is suppsed to be from my atrocious drawing (hint: he is famous).

Classick LTM - LSL
2007 Apr 09

That's right, I'm already doing more Classick LTM. Get off my back. Me and Jesus had a lot of catching up to do...ha...ha......ha?

My Little Bride
2007 Apr 04

Phenom gets this site back to its roots with his review of some Korean movie about marrying one's cousin. What, you didn't know that was our site's vision in a nutshell? Where've you been?

A Sandwich Like No Other
2007 Mar 30

I wrote a (mostly) rhyming story about sandwiches! I am actually calling for people to draw pictures for it for fun!! Not that anybody will, but that's ok, I've always been good at pretend-time. Even after I broke Katie's arm and the teacher came up to me and said, "Pretend-time is over," I turned around and told her, "Pretend-time is never over."

Classick LTM - Pirates of the Carribean
2007 Mar 27

To the five people who care: Yes, I know that the forum's broken. No, I don't know how to fix it. The forum inexplicably works again. Here's some Classick LTM because I'm clearly really dedicated to serving up fresh content.

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