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The Hills Have Eyes 2
2007 Mar 21

I had no interest whatsoever in seeing The Hills Have Eyes and I have even less interest in the sequel. That's why I'm proud to bring you this advance review of it!! It was my idea, but Gringo created it with exceptional photoshop skills. Please enjoy this stunning collaboration.

2007 Mar 13

This is actually quite a short review by me, believe it or not. I never thought I'd live to see the day! But, then, I'm only willing to spend so much time discussing gay porn, and by gay porn I mean 300, because I have an image to uphold here, that being my image of a straight guy who is never around any girls. Hmm.

One Panel 43
2007 Mar 09

I didn't feel like writin' nothin' so I puts me up a comic! You need further explanation? Well... Ok, fine, you wrenched it out of me: I've never loved you. Speaking of which, why haven't you gone to the Enchanted Nemesis website yet? If you do, there's a chance I'll find feelings for you I never thought were there. Give it a go, then.

Black Snake Moan
2007 Mar 06

I reviewed Black Snake Moan, the movie that gives you what you always wanted, but never knew you did (that of course being Christina Ricci as a blond white trash skank chained to a radiator writhing around in her underwear) and I do so without so much as one, singular reference to that other snake movie. Well, that is if you ignore this update, anyway.

Unfunny #23
2007 Mar 01

This is a new Unfunny that I probably should've put up a bit sooner, but, ah well, I've failed the world! Evidently, it spoils the events of the Ghost Rider film, but I can't imagine anybody really caring. And if you do, what are you doing here? Get off my site.

Hotel Dusk: Room 315
2007 Feb 21

I've elected to stop contributing to society's destruction by selling my PSP and buying a Nintendo DS. Now I am a well-respected member of the community. Also, I bought this game Hotel Dusk: Room 315 and wrote a review of it. Should I say something else here? Na, that's good enough.

Superbowl Rant Repost for Ease
2007 Feb 05

I intended to put up something new today, but that was an impossibility so I am just reposting my Superbowl rant to cash in on all Fever. That exists right? You must break out something awful, huh? Now I'm trying to cash in on Something Awful too.

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