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Official Tourist Board of Afghanistan
2007 Jan 31

Here is a fake site from Gringo for the Official Tourist Board of Afghanistan. Gringo would like to say that this was made back in 2005, long before Borat became annoyingly over-profiled, but that he was only just able to retrieve the site from its secret computer cave. SPOOKY!

2007 Jan 27

STUNNING!!! Thanks to Gringo there is now a new website for the beautiful film The Enchanted Nemesis! You can now get the movie in so many formats it hurts! The sequel will finally be coming soon as well! But for now...GORGE ON THIS!!! GORGE I TELL YOU!!!! Ross is a homosexual.

CLASSICK LTM!!! - Gringo's Manhattan Adventure
2007 Jan 25

The STUNNING update was supposed to happen TODAY, but I'm a numbskull chumpdumper so, hopefully, tomorrow will be the date of supreme wonder. For now enjoy a CLASSICK article about Gringo's trip to NYC, in which he ATTACKED my friends and I. The shocking!!! Check back tomorrow...! Plz?

One Panel 42
2007 Jan 23

Now's as good a time for a comic as any, yeah? Sure. And the STUNNING update should be on its way, but it is based completely on me and my rather unreliable internet connection... Well, hey!, fingers crossed!!!

Guitar Hero Xmas Repost
2007 Jan 19

It occurred to me that updates on this site usually get anywhere from three days to six months in the spotlight that is the top of the main page and my stupid Guitar Hero animation only got two days. So, yeah, it's a repost. But at least I made a new image for you. See? Isn't that nice? Plus, there's going to be a STUNNING update very soon. Stay tuned, brother.

Ninja Academy Music Crap is in the Thing
2007 Jan 15

Isn't this a treat? Gringo has provided us with music clips from the award-winning (?) Ninja Academy soundtrack! So...isn't that a treat? Really, I'm asking. Oh, and come back very soon...because another special Ninja Academy update is on its way. I'm getting a hard-on just thinking about it.

One Panel Comic #41
2007 Jan 01

Hey, HNY, u guyz, amirite???

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