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2006 Dec 18

Lauren shat out this review of a movie and never bothered to get me better pictures for it, so I put in as much effort as he did and it looks like this. Remember that song "Zombie" by The Cranberries? Much better than Lauren's review. And the movie in question, I'd warrant. ...Christmas??

The Queen
2006 Dec 13

A rather bitter, rather short review of a rather recent movie, by our rather good friend, Dan Rather, uh, I mean, Gringo.

Unfunny #22
2006 Dec 11

A new Unfunny that I am fully in agreement with. As a result, you have to find it funny or I am not going to sign your forms for you anymore and you'll have to find a way to pay for housing on your own. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, that was just Degrassi for a second there. Anyway, go look at the comic.

Fuck You, Jersey City is Not Cool
2006 Dec 06

New York Magazine wrote this article claiming that the very area in which I currently reside is now the COOLEST PLACE EVER TO LIVE IN THE WORLD EVER. The fact that I live there pretty much disproves that statement, but I did a long-winded rant about it anyway. It's profound as hell. GO GO.

Temporary Nonsense
2006 Dec 01

I wrote this thing about the benefits of doing temp work because that's all I can get in this two-bit town. I drew some pictures for it. Isn't that great? Oh, you're gonna love it, I can just tell. Go on then.

High School Musical
2006 Nov 27

Gringo wrote a review of the soundtrack to a Disney Channel movie. Yes, I'm worried about him too.

One Panel Comic #40
2006 Nov 23

You'll take your Thanksgiving comic and like it. Or, more likely, you won't. Which is fine too. Can anybody even make out what it is the guy on the right is supposed to be holding? Or is my crappy drawing Greek to everybody?

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