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Life and/or Death
2006 Nov 19

My student film from back before you were even in college is up on "The YouTube," so go see it and then get all awkward and quiet around me every time I bring it up and try to avoid eye contact with me and then change the subject. I will bring it up at least once daily.

Guitar Hero 1 & 2
2006 Nov 15

Jeff has taken a rather novel approach to doing things by setting his review of both Guitar Hero games to the tune of the Queen song, "Fat Bottomed Girls." I've done my part by embedding a horrible midi of said ditty. THAT'S RIGHT! I'VE DONE MY PART! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY ANYMORE!!!

One Panel Comic 39
2006 Nov 09

LOOK LOOK LOOK! More election-related updates! See?! I do care after all! This one is an a honest to goodness comic too instead of just two pictures I slapped together. But this one does not have a cat in it, so it's arguable as to whether or not it's really that much better.

2006 Nov 08

WOAH! CNN changed the picture AGAIN! And possibly even once before when I wasn't looking! Go now for the most recent update! STAY TUNED!!! OR NOT! I MIGHT NOT CARE ENOUGH TO KEEP DOING THIS STUPID CRAP! THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!

2006 Nov 08

Now, we all know the most important recent news is Britney's dumping of Mr. Popozao, but listen up anyhow. Did you know that CNN changed its main page picture of Donald Rumsfeld to another, funnier picture within the span of an hour? WE BROKE THIS STORY!!! WHOEVER SAID LISTENTOME.NET IS NOT CURRENT YOU BITE YOUR HEATHEN TONGUE!!!

2006 Nov 07

More Gringo! In honor of this election day thingy, he's written about some outdated internet election game. This review also deems myself and those of my ilk to be "stupid fat cunts!" Well! I do declare!! No, actually, I'm done here.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
2006 Nov 04

Hey, look, it's Gringo with a strangely homoerotic review of an indie movie. He said I could do the pictures and that is why they are SO GOOD. I haven't taken down the Halloween pictures yet. Out of spite. For whom or what I am not certain. Smell you in the later, jerks.

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