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One Panel Comic 38
2006 Oct 30

I bet you guys were wondering how is Listen to Me going to rock my Halloween world this year question mark. WELL WE HAVE TOPPED EVERYTHING HALLOWEEN-RELATED EVER WITH THIS COMIC I MADE CHECK IT OUT AND BE FRIGHTENED AND AMUSED AND IN LOVE AT THE SAME TIME.

Why Does Listen to Me Suck So Horribly???
2006 Oct 23

I really don't feel like writing anything, I mean, uh, we sure have some super great fans, huh?! Well, I am turning it over to you guys, the viewer guys, to tell me the reasons this website is so extremely not popular. Is it because there is no porn? Because I am a jerk? Because we don't talk about Zelda enough?! Woah! Who knows?! It's a game!!!

Never Say Ever Again
2006 Oct 17

I did a bunch of silly ranting about how people who quote specific movies and TV shows and stuff should stop doing it forever. I invite you to join in my scorn for the trivial!! Huzzah, huzzah!!!

The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love
2006 Oct 09

I'm not even gonna pretend like I understand why this review was done in a timely fashion. Just don't get used to it, hear? Anyhoo, it's a review I did of The Rapture's relatively new album that has a longer title than fits in this space. Well, at least it does now on account of these last two sentences.

The Science of Sleep
2006 Oct 05

I'll have you know I am temping (ah, the glory of a college degree!) and I just elected to write this review instead of doing work. Hahahaha, I really don't care. Anyway, the review I mentioned last update will take quite some time, so here's a review of The Science of Sleep instead. A lovely review.

One Panel Comic 37
2006 Oct 01

I'm working on a massive review of a massively bad movie, but until then you get another edition of the only comic I have new ones of. Oh and yes, 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis is still supposed to happen, god knows when. And, lastly, if anyone wants to buy my gay-ass PSP that'd be great because I loathe the goddamned thing.

The People You Meet in an MMORPG - Part I
2006 Sep 24

Oh crap, this site is still up? Ok, well, here's a thing Jeff wrote about the various people who play MMORPGs. Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. Personally, I don't even use the internet, giving me an automatic +50 to my coolness stat. Oh shit, pretend I didn't say that.

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