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One Panel Comic 35
2006 Jul 31

Sorry, but putting comics up is so easy and you guys want something, right? Or are you fairly indifferent? Man, you guys. Well, this is the return of a character from all the way back in the second One Panel Comic. Internet history. Someone better Wikipedia this shit up.

Monster House
2006 Jul 25

I periodically see or hear current things so I try to bring them up in a pseudo-timely fashion. For example, I understand that there may be some people in a country that is not mine who are angry at each other. Well, let's hope that all sorts itself out, yeah? Also, Monster House.

A Scanner Darkly
2006 Jul 21

The thing I love about this site is the fact that I can just fuck off with updating for a good week or so and the hit counter just continues to rise. I'd venture to say we actually do better when I don't update. Something to consider. I reviewed A Scanner Darkly, not that you wanted me to anyway.

911 Remember!
2006 Jul 15

In the spirit of our failed articles theme (which is now finally over), Darth-Phenom has done a recreation of a comic Gringo wouldn't put up back when he ran the site. In Phenom's own words (which, yes, don't make any real sense): "I don't remember what the original comic was but this could many hours of painstaking labour to create."

Joe's Failed Articles
2006 Jul 12

Woah, I'm terribly sorry about the delay but I've had two lame-ass TYPING jobs and a STOMACH VIRUS that is trying to KILL me occupying my time. Also, drugs. Anyway, here's my article about my failed LTM articles that I asked everyone to write really quick and then took the longest out of everyone to produce mine. I'm so cool.

Joe and His Imaginary Thang
2006 Jul 06

I still haven't written my damn failed articles article so, in sort of kind of keeping with the situation, I found some old LTM Comic (those are the ones that don't fit anywhere else) on my hard drive. So here it is!!! Woop!

Gringo's Failed LTM Articles
2006 Jul 04

To recommence, here are Gringo's Failed Articles. This is pretty funny, I think. Also, you get to learn about LTM TV! WHAT?! SOUNDS SO GREAT! DETAILS INSIDE!!! I'll get around to writing about my failed stuff real soon, too. Or not. I'm crazy, bro. I'll flip on you like that.

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