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Unfunny #21
2006 Jun 30

Because I haven't written mine and Gringo hasn't sent me his yet, I'm failing to finish our in-depth report on our failed articles. I know, it's, like, so L, O, L. We'll finish it soon, though. Or else put it in an article about failed articles years from now, which we won't finish. Right now you get an Unfunny.

Lauren's Failed LTM Articles
2006 Jun 27

Continuing that thing we're doing, here's Lauren's failed articles. Actually, that should be singular, but I already uploaded it so whatever. For those of you very, very curious, these are going up in order of whoever's actually finished theirs. Yes! A highly selective process.

Jeff's Failed LTM Articles
2006 Jun 24

Hey! It was Listen to Me's sixth birthday about a week ago. I only just realized so I SCREAMED at everybody to write about the articles they never bothered to finish. Interesting, hmm? VERY. Up first is our good friend, Jeff! He insults fan-fiction here, which, I think, is worth your money every time.

2006 Jun 20

This is a link to the blog again because I wrote more about those two craaaazy authors I mentioned yesterday. Oddly, today's post is really coherent, whereas yesterday's was, like, not. It's actually almost too well written to qualify for this site. Which is why it's on the blog instead. Got it?

Blog or some shit
2006 Jun 19

It's too hot to generate new content so I'm just reminding you that I still house a "blog" here (the link "Retardation Exemplified" tucked away at the bottom of this page). Awhile ago, I claimed I'd update it daily. Hah! The newest thing on it is vaguely about my current obsession with the beautiful, insane, self-absorbed, drug-addled, forty-year-old Elizabeth Wurtzel. Enjoy!

My LG Phone is Stupid - A Rant
2006 Jun 15

Word up, POOoooOOOooPSLICES. At a loss for a better idea, I wrote about the little problems I have with my LG-brand cell (that's "mobile" in British) phone. Somehow, I managed to expand minor complaints into quite a large, rambling article. Just keeps sounding more and more interesting, don't it?

Rampage: Total Destruction
2006 Jun 11

Since when did Listen to Me change over to doing nothing but video game coverage?! I don't have a funny answer to this question. Anyway, Jeff makes his triumphant return to the Internet with a review of Rampage: Total Destruction. Yeah, they made another Rampage. It's not our fault.

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