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One Panel Comic #34
2006 Jun 07

I think it's about time for a comic, don't you? This is probably the only vaguely political comic I'll ever do. Partially because I don't have any real opinions on anything, but mostly because I can't draw. Anyway, those name tags sure help, huh?

Joe's E3 2006 - The Attack Panties (or The Panties What Attack) and Other Tales
2006 Jun 03

Can you believe I'm still talking about E3? Well, this is my last thing ever about it, at least for this year. Also, it's less about E3 and more about a pair of panties that tried to kill me and my friend. It's a TRUE STORY. Check it out RIGHT NOW.

Joe's E3 2006 - This Was the Third and Last Day
2006 May 29

Okay, here's my awesome third day coverage of E3 finally. Also, by request of someone in our terrible forum, I've added a photo of me at E3 2002 standing next to a model flippin' the bird to my E3 2006 first day article. It is both wholly unspectacular and of poor quality, in keeping with our theme.

Joe's E3 2006 - El Segundo Dia
2006 May 24

PHEW! Gosh, I'm awful sorry. I know this is the ONLY media outlet of any sort in all of creation that reports on E3, the world's biggest gaming convention, and you've been waiting with baited breath for my final word on the second day of the show. Well, wait no more, you lucky sod!

2006 May 21

Due in part to a lack of foresight on my behalf, I haven't updated in, like, forever, brosnaps. I am still not updating, but just wanted you to know I am alive because I know how you worry. In the meantime enjoy some "CLASSICK LTM" hahaha classick hahahahaha.

Joe's E3 2006 - Da First Day
2006 May 14

Here is my very own, very long personal write-up of the first day of E3...three days late! Don't worry, it's less about video games and more about me insulting one of the co-hosts of X-Play. That's the highlight, so you can just scroll down to that part if you want. Whatever, I don't care.

Gringo's E3 2006
2006 May 11

Hello! This update says it's by Joe but this is actually Gringo typing. CAN YOUR MIND COPE WITH THAT? Oh, it can? Good. Then here, have a live update from LA about E3 2006.

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