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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
2006 May 09

I beat up and touched the right people in the right places and am floozying my way into E3 2006 so I may not be updating for about a week. I might change my mind and give you an update anyway but, you know, probably not. This is a review of that Final Fantasy VII movie, by the way.

One Panel #33
2006 May 05

What better way to cap off this self-love fest than with a new edition of one of the comics referenced!?! No better way, that's how!! Also, truth be told, at the moment One Panel Comics is the only "series" I have new editions of. Uh-Doopz!!! Joe’s One Panel Comics Explode At My Shithole Job (Part III)
2006 May 02

Here is the conclusion of Johnny's thingy about how my comics ruined Canada. ALL OF CANADA. YES. EVEN THE TIM HORTONSES.!! Joe’s One Panel Comics Explode At My Shithole Job (Part II)
2006 Apr 29

Here's part two of the thing I put the first part of up last update. See how this works? We all on the same page now? Hey, Silent Hill was number one at the box office last weekend. Haha, suckers. That shit was allllll me...even though my review went up on Sunday. SHUT UP!!! Joe’s One Panel Comics Explode At My Shithole Job (Part I)
2006 Apr 27

This guy named Johnny took it upon himself to plant my One Panel Comics around his office in Toronto and then took note of the ensuing BEDLAM!! It's a three parter and this is Part I. You should all follow his lead, by the way, to prove your cyberlove for me and such. Thanks, kids.

Silent Hill
2006 Apr 24

LAUREN'S REIGN OF GIRLISH TERROR ENDS HERE!!! More of my nonsense. Here is a review of Silent Hill the movie, which I had to see in a theater full of cackling ninnies the day after it opened. LIFE IS SO HARD FOR ME, GUYS!!!!!!!! Put on yo Pyramid Head and go clubbin', honey. Blah, blah.

NES Games You Have Never Played
2006 Apr 21

Lauren's written this thing about NES games that he's somehow sure YOU'VE never played. He's sure got some balls for a guy with a girl's name. Don't tell him but I'm probably gonna knock his review off to put up one of the Silent Hill movie, preferably on Saturday. But then I'll put his up again. Tee hee.

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