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The Inside Man
2006 Mar 24

WHAT'S THIS?! Another update ALREADY?!? I know but I just realized that The Inside Man is coming out tomorrow and it was very important to me to put up a review (uh, sorta) of it in advance. I'm going to use Kids again later, even though it won't be a new update. Because I'm lazy.

2006 Mar 24

So sorry I haven't updated in awhile but my cool officer told me I'd only get cooler if I had more disdain for the internet and you don't want me disobeying her, do you? Anyway, for all your waiting you get a review of another movie with four letters in the title in which all the characters have AIDS. After all, AIDS is the spice of life!

2006 Mar 18

We LOVE Gringo reviews! I get to put them up and not write anything new. It's quite convenient. And sometimes Gringo makes you laugh! And sometimes Gringo details his flings with homosexuality with you! And sometimes you say, "Well, I didn't really need to know that." GRINGO!!!!!!!

One Panel Comic #31
2006 Mar 14

Here is a One Panel Comic, my sweetnesses. This comic may have existed elsewhere on the internet already, but what do you know about that? FUCKIN' NOTHING THAT'S WHAT. Oh, by the by, 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis is still supposed to come eventually. I haven't forgotten or anything.

2006 Mar 11

Gringo done for yous a review of the musicality known as Hairspray. A press release for Gringo would most prominently feature the words "saucy" and "refined." I just decided this right now.

Exit (PSP)
2006 Mar 08

YOU GUYS! I WROTE A REVIEW OF A GAME CALLED EXIT FOR THE PSP! WILL YOU GUYS READ IT PLEASE I BET YOU'LL LIKE IT HUH!! Always believe in yourself. Except you stupid kids. You work at the bottling plant and like it.

Gringo's Fifth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2006 Mar 05

Here is the fifth edition of Gringo's annual Oscar Prediction Funfest. I think this one is really quite brilliant so listen to and read it. Also, I made the pictures. Marvel at my flawless MS Painting abilities! Some winner should redo them with Photoshop. I'm sure the Internet would appreciate it.

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