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Alien Vs. Predator
2006 Mar 01

Here's a dated review of Alien Vs. Predator by Lauren that is old enough that it makes reference to the period in which the site changed hands and no one was updating it. Plus, it's of Alien Vs. Predator! That makes it double-dated. Double-dating! I wish!!! Nevermind, sorry.

Spurt #47
2006 Feb 26

This is the last Spurt comic EVER. Until I make more. Do you know how Spurt's humor is kept so consistent and cutting edge? I get them all from old scribbles I made in a notebook I used in a class four years ago...back when I was sooooooooo funny. No, that's seriously how. Okay? Okay, fine.

Let's Talk About Jesus
2006 Feb 23

I was looking at the wrong thing about the blog. I have no idea how many of you visited it. What court would convict me?! Kris Wilson wrote us something about condoms. He wrote the review of the Eggstractor thirty years ago and that's like the best thing we've got so go read this new shit.

March of the Penguins
2006 Feb 20

I HATE YOU PEOPLE. From what I can tell, putting that link to my blog up only resulted in FOUR PEOPLE GOING TO IT. Apparently, over 1500 mofos come here daily! The HELL do you click on!? Who ARE you people??!! Read this review of March of the Penguins I wrote. It's short and gross. HAPPY?

2006 Feb 18

All right, I'm sorry, I swear, but now I have a blog hosted on this very site. It's just me talking nonsense like a silly girl but at least it's updated every damn day unlike the main page of this site! It's the link "Retardation Exemplified" on the very bottom of the page, should you want to go to it in the future (you won't).

Swedish Fish
2006 Feb 14

Happy Valentine's HATE. Here's a lovey-dovey article from Gringo about swedish fish, which he apparently had to leave Irish Spring for to fall in love with. Personally, I see no issue with indulging in these two things in tandem but maybe that's why women say I'm a prick. Just kidding, women don't say things to me.

Powerpuff Comic #17
2006 Feb 12

Today is a good day for a kaka-doody komic because on Valentine's GAY (haha, yeah, you did not expect a gentleman of my noble stature to go there) there will be an update. Ooh! Special! You are anticipating some good now, huh? Huh???! End!

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