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I Hate the Superbowl So Much I Should Have a Girlfriend
2006 Feb 10

I've been having an internal grudgematch with myself about possibly posting a Superbowl/football rant for years now (no, really, I have for some reason). I finally wrote one on my BLOG so I'm just ripping it straight from there, adding three pictures and putting it up here. SCREW YOU LTM!!!
2006 Feb 06

Here's some old thing from Lauren I dredged the hell up so if it smells a little funny that's why. I'm always confident when I put up a Lauren article that 110% effort went into it. I'm not sure what the source of that effort might be. I think he has a genie or something. Anybody still with me here?

Garden State
2006 Feb 03

Here's a review of that waste of time known as Garden State. If some stupid idiot hasn't already told you to see this yet, don't and also don't be friends with anybody who does tell you to see it. Of course, if you're the idiot in question, well then, this is just a lost cause, isn't it?

One Panel Comic 30
2006 Jan 31

I'm not writing you suckers crap. All you're getting out of me is a fabulous comic. I just want you motherfuckers to know that I fuckin' hate you, in case there was any discrepancy regarding this matter. That's what internet audiences like right? When you insult them? Yeah, screw you guys.

Joe is Doing a Lame-Ass Blog...But Why?!
2006 Jan 28

Hey kids, I've got this silly-ass daily blog now that I can theoretically make a pittance off of so I am asking respectfully that you ALL visit it by clicking on the picture to the left. If you wanna know WHY (you do?) I have a fool blog now, click right here to read this lengthy diatribe about it. Have fun!

The Producers
2006 Jan 25

A day of celebration is upon us! Gringo gave me a whole bunch of reviews and crap to put up. That means less writing for me! SCORE! Here's a review of The Producers. Is it still out in theaters? Do we care? Insert money for secret answer.

Clowning Around With Veekay - #3
2006 Jan 22

Our old pal Veekay the Clown gave to us a brand new edition of Clowning Around with Veekay! His articles are easily the least offensive on this site so get 'em while the gettin's good and all that. Man, I'm tired.

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