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LoBo Says Some Stupid-Ass Shit
2006 Jan 19

LoBo is ranting about something here, I don't even know what the hell it is. Try putting it through Babelfish and let me know what you come up with. Incidentally, this website in no way supports wrestling, whether it's fake or the gay porn kind.

Powerpuff Comic 16
2006 Jan 16

The site was down for two days, not that anyone of you ungrateful bastards even noticed. Anyway, to celebrate our's a Powerpuff Girl comic! Hahahaha! The way I was brought up every celebration is actually a punishment. GODDAMN YOU MOM AND DAD WHY!!!!

Support Veekay the Clown
2006 Jan 13

Gringo requested that I post this e-mail about supporting VeeKay the Clown by sending him cards to this Orange County fair he gonna be performing at. Veekay has contributed to this site a bunch so why the hell not, HUH!? This is our first update featured in both English and Spanish! Helpful!

Phenom's Best and Worst of 2005 Repost
2006 Jan 10

Now that everyone has had their fair share of Kristanna Loken's boobs (I am just kidding! How can you ever have enough?! Ha-HAH!), here is a repost of Phenom's Best and Worst of 2005 article. Ohhh, that crazy......I forget his nationality right now. I will venture a guess: Chinese.

2006 Jan 07

I feel FUCKING TERRIBLE about this but I need to update again RIGHT NOW! because I went and saw Uwe Boll's latest masterpiece, Bloodrayne, and it wasn't released to critical screening so this is actually a TIMELY-ASS INSIDER'S SCOOP! I'll give Phenom's thing a second update in three days.

Phenom's Best and Worst of 2005
2006 Jan 06

I have a sitcom in the works about Phenom called "That Crazy Phenom." Every time he said an offensive pseudo-joke, the audience would sort of uncomfortably chuckle and someone would maybe cry. Then he would turn to the camera and it would zoom in on him and he'd shrug and cock his head to the side and a voice-over would go "IS HE KIDDING???"

Joe's Best and Worst of 2005
2006 Jan 03

Sorry this is late but Rome was not built in a day and this is the exact equivalent of such an empire. This is my Best and Worst of 2005 list so it is full of angst, as mine tend to be. I've got a much shorter one by Phenom to put up too so if mine isn't offensive enough for you just be patient!!

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