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Mindless Self Indulgence: You'll Rebel to Anything
2005 Dec 30

I wanted to review Mindless Self Indulgence's new ("new" meaning "came out several months ago") album for awhile now because...goodness, I guess I don't really have a reason. I should really think these things through first. Next update is gonna be a Best and Worst of 2005 thing. Yay?

Enchanted Nemesis on an IPod!
2005 Dec 28

I received an e-mail from one bowser724 which stated the following: "YAY! I put teh Enchanted Nemesis video on my iPod, and it works great! DO I WIN A PRIZE??" WELL HELL YES!! I officially declare bowser724 the coolest person alive. Here is a picture of the movie playing on his IPod. Also, click to the left to see all the sundry current news (ha!) about the sequel.

One Panel 29
2005 Dec 25

MERRY STINK! Look at the pretty site graphics, oh my, we are so trendy and festive! Updating on Christmas DIZZAY?!? Shit! Damn right, nobody loves me! I made you guys a comic. Have a good one or something.

The Only Good Christmas Songs
2005 Dec 22

Gringo was supposed to write a review of White Christmas for me but he didn't so I had to whip up this thing about the only good Christmas songs in the world that exist (there are five!). That's right, I HAD to. For YOU. Merry fucking Christmas, you ungrateful shits! Just kidding, you know I love.

Christmas Sucks 2
2005 Dec 19

It's about time the Christmas articles started rolling in, no? Yeah, I thought you would think so too. Here's Sopa, our wacky Argentinian friend, to rant about Christmas and its tendency to suck. He wrote once before...on the very same issue! COINCIDENCE?!? BLAH!

Star Wars Galaxies
2005 Dec 16

I've wasted many painstaking days fixing MOST of the errors that have plagued our archives for quite a few months now. So this site is officially no longer broken. If people actually read our old shit, this would be interesting. To celebrate, here is a great review that has been a long time comin'.

Spurt 46
2005 Dec 13

Whose birthday is it?! Someone gets a Spurt comic. Man, do I know how to party or what? I can't believe I'm still making these goddamned things. RAMBLING!!!

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