Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


2005 Nov 15

Gringo wanted me to make an update publicizing the NEW!!! items he added to the LTM store so BAM! Now's your chance to be the fourth person EVER to buy anything from our store. WOW! I like the shirt that says "I buy my shirts on the internet!" I mean I wouldn't wear it but, you know, it's funny.

2005 Nov 11

Instead of releasing the movie, I made ANOTHER TRAILER for 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis! YES! MORE HYPE! Is it better than the first one?! Well, that is for you to decide! It's just like a Choose Your Own Adventure. JUST LIKE IT.

Congratulations, Lauren isn't funny
2005 Nov 06

Here's some angry Lauren thing. Sorry to ruin one of his well-crafted pieces of joke but I need to clarify that I'm not actually fat. I'm single enough as it is. I don't need people, even if it is just the internet, thinking I'm a fatty too. I'm the other kind of dork. The one you could beat up.

Shadow of the Colossus
2005 Nov 04

Some people believe in quality over quantity but those people all die young. So here's a nice, meaty review of Shadow of the Colossus by none other than myself. By the way, you know our class-soaked FORUM is back up, right?

One Panel 28
2005 Nov 01

HI HI HI! I just put up a One Panel Comic I KNOW but that was a miscalculation as I had this Halloween-oriented one I wanted to put up so here it is now even though I KNOW Halloween is over. This particular comic makes me think of the Family Circus. How unfortunate.

Halloween Safety
2005 Oct 30

Here are some safety tips from Jeff for you kids going out there for trick and/or treating this Halloween. First Gringo's drunk thing and now this! Soon we'll be able to claim this is a self-help page! Just like used to be. WOOSH! Right over ya head! THIS ARTICLE GOTS PICTURES!!!

One Panel Comic 27
2005 Oct 28

If you ask me, we're long overdue for a comic. If you aren't asking me, I haven't the foggiest who you would be asking because, I mean, I'm the one who updates this site. And now, the ditty from The Cure's "The Walk." DOO DOO DOOT DOO DOODEE DOOT-DOO DOO DOO DOOT D-DOOT DOOT DOOT!

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