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A True Friggin Story
2005 Sep 29

All right, all right assholes, come on back, I've got a goddamned Lauren update for you. It's about how he lives on a ranch and did something stupid and died once. Or almost died, I'm not sure. The important thing is: Lauren lives on a ranch. HAHAHAHA!!!

We ♥ Katamari
2005 Sep 26

So much for them timely updates! I set out to write a concise review of WeKatamari. Did I succeed?! Well it is a review. And it is of WeKatamari! Two out of three ain't bad! And it's colorful to boot!!! Well, kind of. There's some red in there anyway.

2005 Sep 21

Huzzah! This update was done in a timely manner! This is Jeff's thing about rare video games. Love them picturez! I put this in the video games section even though every game in it is a complete fabrication (including a snazzy Gringo game). I tell you these things as though you'd actually be interested.

Stupid Pictures from Some Book from 1975
2005 Sep 19

Talk about your lazy updates! There's a brief update to the 2E2N page and some pictures from some "humorous" book from 1975 I found in my friend's house. The humor is inappropriate by today's standards so I scanned in some of the pictures, uploaded them, and called it a day. Nice, eh?!

Spurt 45
2005 Sep 16

I was gonna put up something by Jeff but I realized it would take forever to convert to html and I don't have time for this shit. I have to go to bed. So here's one of my goddamned comics. Look, I'm as sorry as you are, okay? If there was a sequel to the book The Plague it would take place in Jersey.

In Good Company
2005 Sep 11

I realize you all hate me so I've been trying to vary whose articles I put up from update to update. Gringo is long overdue for one but the newest review I have from him is YET ANOTHER movie review so you five people are just gonna have to suck it up. Anyway, it's pretty funny, I think. So there!

Red Eye
2005 Sep 06

Did anybody see when the site changed to a page about getting Tupac MP3s for a day or two? No? Oh, nevermind then. Here's a review of that Red Eye movie. I know, it seems like all we have these days is movie reviews but look at it this way: So?

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