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Old School Hip Hop Movies - Part I - Wild Style
2005 Aug 31

A review by Lauren because he told me the bitches love him and have been e-mailing him saying they miss that special feeling his reviews provide. Well, he didn't say it like that exactly. Lauren would never call a woman a bitch, which once again leads us back to why the bitches love Lauren.

Unfunny 19
2005 Aug 26

Here's that comic Jeff makes. I'm pretty hungry now so I'm gonna check you guys later, okay?

Last Days
2005 Aug 23

WOAAAHHHAOOHOOO! Guess what! 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis is pretty much done! WOO FOR YOU! We'll keep you posted you bet. Also, I reviewed a bad movie that might still be out....ummmm...I dunno don't worry about it.

2005 Aug 19

HOOT! Time for another non-update. (2E2N!) I have given into my dorkitude and made a MySpace page. The stuff on there is basically like the content on this site so whatever. You can go add me as a friend if you want! Just don't talk to me after that! No one will add :( At least I made that oh no the internet logo just for this update. I think we can all agree it's fabulous.

2E2N Lousy Update
2005 Aug 14

HELLO. Sorry about the no updating, palz, but we have been feverishly at work on 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis, you know, for the fans. I therefore can't be bothered to produce real content for you at the moment so here's an "update" to the 2E2N page (get on the wagon).

2005 Aug 09

Gringo has a review of the movie about the guys in the wheelchairs who play rugby. He seems to love it, possibly more than I love peanut butter toast. But I mean, I dunno, that is a lot. That is a lot. That, is, a, lot.

Gringo Flash 10
2005 Aug 06

Here's the last Gringo ever, as far as I know. I know, you'd expect some kind of build-up or grand announcement for this but, no, here it is, just like that. Additionally, it could very well be the worst one yet. I mean, uh, fine comedy abounds, man.

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