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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2005 Aug 03

GOOD! LORD! So sorry, you all must be so sad without my updatin' ways but I'm like moving and doing stuff, okay? So chill the fuck out. Here is a sort of late review of Charlie and the Stink Factory. Yo, whatever, just read it, all right?

The City that Care Forgot (New Orleans Part Dwah)
2005 Jul 26

I was going to say something horrilbly witty about the second part of Gringo's New Orleans trip recount thingy but after updating the ENTIRE internet, I am far too tired. I will say this, though: It's long.

Gringo's New Orleans Whackfun Adventure - Part I
2005 Jul 21

Gringo wrote something NEW!!!! just for me but you folks at home can have a gander too, I suppose. This is the first part of a recounting of his trip to New Orleans. Actually, there's very little about New Orleans in this part. Whatever.

One Panel 26
2005 Jul 19

Here is the first One Panel Comic that is more than one panel, thereby going against everything One Panel Comics stand for. Luckily, I don't care and neither do you. You ain't even a person. You a broom what was left at someone's computer and has very bad taste in websites. ADMIT IT!

War of the Worlds
2005 Jul 16

Jeff wrote an ANGEREVIEW, which is a new term we are copyrighting here at LTM. The review is of War of the Worlds. I assume there must be a porno called War of the Girls and if there isn't, there will be soon. And it will be better than Spielberg's effort.

Agatha Christie Murder Mystery Collection
2005 Jul 12

Here's one of those old Gringo reviews. He was nice enough to give them to me all ready to upload with pictures and everything. Too bad they're reviews of things like Agatha Christie movies. Jesus, what's his deal?

Degrassi: The Next Generation
2005 Jul 08

I actually got an e-mail from some punk requesting more articles NOT by me! ME! The Joester (as you all call me)! So, I did the opposite and put up another one of my classic long-winded reviews. Also the forum appears to be broken. It will be fixed sometime between never and...well that's it.

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