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Harvest Moon
2005 Jun 02

The picture on the left came up when I Google image searched for "Harvest Moon." Isn't that funny! Anyway, Tiffany wrote this review of the game of the same name. I don't know what platform or version of it she played so it is up to you to guess. It's like a game and a review!

Unfunny 18
2005 May 29

Another comic already?! I know! It's like wackytime in Crazyland! Well, on the bright side, it's not by me and it's got lasers in it. On the negative side of things, it doesn't make any huge effort to reform society, which, if I haven't made clear, is the point of this site.

Star Wars Episode 3
2005 May 25

Sorry I haven't updated the internet in so long! I realize this is never going to get off the ground unless we all work together and I have just not been pulling my weight around here. But our hits haven't gone down during my absence so clearly you don't really care about what I have to say anyway.

One Panel 25
2005 May 15

Sorry this update is late (we usually try to do them once every three days if you have not noticed the pattern) but my past two days were occupied by me actually having to be active. Also, good things happened. This is a very rare situation. Yeah, it's just one of my crappy comics.

True Lies
2005 May 10

Here is a review by one Nicke Ninja who I know I either used to see in our forum or have seen recently. So just so you know, he's okay by me. Is True Lies. Jamie Lee Curtis is not hot.

2005 May 07

I've written an unnecessarily long review of the videogame Psychonauts. To make up for this, I've included FOUR pictures within the review. That's FOUR, WHOLE, MOTHERFRICKIN' PICTURES, dollface. I really can't see you asking for more. No, really, I wouldn't know how to respond.

2E2N Redux
2005 May 04

HEY HEY! This isn't a real update exactly but I'm not going to let this nonsense go. I realized not all people will be well-versed in the whole attributing a link to a picture internet process so I've added copy and pasteable HTML to the 2E2N HYPE WAGON!!! page! This is a direct link to it! WOW! I'll do a real new update soon.

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