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2E2N Launch Page
2005 May 02

I! am officially launching the official webpage for the sequel that no one ever asked for to the movie no one ever saw! 2 Enchanted 2 Nemesis!!! There's only a little bit there right now but at least you can all go and get on the goddamned Hype Wagon!!! PLEASE GET ON IT!!! PLEASE!!!!! Thanks.

Powerpuff 13
2005 Apr 28

You gimme one good reason why I shouldn't upload another one of these. Okay, TWO good reasons. You know what, maybe you just shouldn't talk to me anymore. You know you're doing bad when you have to imagine up the imaginary internet people you're talking to.

LoBo Rant dos
2005 Apr 25

Too many rants! Not enough hos! Here's LoBo's second one (rant, not ho) about colleges or something. It's in English kind of.

Gillette M3 Power Thing
2005 Apr 22

So I went and reviewed a Gillette razor. The M3 Power one to be exact. What, you think I am joking? I WOULD NOT JOKE ABOUT SOMETHING THIS GRAVE! Lalalalalalalala. I got nothin' else sorry.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
2005 Apr 19

Old review by Gringo. Old review by Gringo? Old review by Gringo! Old review by Gringo!!! OLD REVIEW BY GRINGO!!!!!

Spurt 43
2005 Apr 15

I know we had a comic only a little while ago but I'm sleepy, okay? Remember how the last one wasn't very good? No? Well, let's just say we're starting a theme here. I keep saying "we" but I'm pretty much the only one around very sad.

Breakfast of Chumps
2005 Apr 11

Good news everyone! Futurama reference! Also, Jeff's alive and well. Well I'm not actually certain about the well part. He could be going through a terrible depression. We don't have a very involved relationship. Anyway, he wrote a rant. It's got pretty pictures in it.

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