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Chuy the Wolf Boy
2005 Apr 08

Here's an interview with Chuy the Wolf Boy that Gringo did. It answered pretty much every question I've ever had about wolf boys and then introduced some new ones that I'll have to add to my ever-growing thesis. People need to get off my back. Like I said, It'll be done when it's done!

One Panel 24
2005 Apr 05

I think it is about time for one of these, no? What, you think it is never time for one of these? Come on joker, put that trick bag away and smile for once! This one really isn't very good, unfortunately. I'm being honest with you this time. Never again though.

Sin City
2005 Apr 02

I saw that Sin City movie and I've come away with the definite opinion that having sex with Jessica Alba would be pretty cool. I think you will all agree with me on this. Even you broads. I thought of some other things too, so I put them in a review. There's a lot of weird gibberish too. Bye!

Busted: A Present for Everyone
2005 Mar 29

This is an old (no it isn't) review Gringo did of some Christmas thing that crappy Busted band did. He actually liked it so future opinions from him on anything are now null and void. But an update to the music section is an update to the music section!

The Office: Crappy American Version
2005 Mar 26

I wrote a review of the new American remake of the much better British show, The Office. This review is not so funny. It is more just angry. But I explain everything at the end. EVERYTHING. I'm pretty tired. Are you tired? I am. And my head hurts. And I feel like crying. Always crying... HAVE FUN!

Are We There Yet?
2005 Mar 23

Lauren has written an entertaining review of Are We There Yet? I must extend a thank you to him for making this so easy to convert to html and providing all of the pictures for it so I didn't have to search for any. He acts like he's surprised the movie was bad though. Which I personally don't get.

Unfunny 17
2005 Mar 21

So it's a comic, so what?

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