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Community Reminded Me of Why I Liked Sitcoms
2012 May 23

I wrote a big wussy-wuss thing for wusses about why I love Community so much and why it's basically over now. It's very serious, which is why it's over on my cool blog I never update so have a look, if ya like, huh?

Let's Play Bud Tucker in Double Trouble
2012 May 16

Hey, have you heard of Let's Plays? They're those YouTube videos where you just watch someone play through an ENTIRE GAME. Yeah, I don't get it either. So I set out with my friends and some booze and started playing through this crappy, old, unknown adventure game called Bud Tucker in Double Trouble. So you can watch us do that now, if you want.

Skullgirls EPIC Web-Video Review
2012 May 04

I decided it's time to move into the future and do video reviews like on TV so I did a review of Skullgirls using my voice and some pictures.

Multi Ethnic Cheerios
2012 Apr 11

Hey, guys, this is just a link to a commercial I saw that offended me so much that I just wanted you guys to be OFFENDED and OUTRAGED with me, so please look at it and be DISGUSTED NOW.

Gringo's Eleventh Oscar Prediction Funfest
2012 Feb 26

The Oscars ceremony is tomorrow. Woohoo, or something like that. Over the years I've become quite cynical about it. But I still feel obliged to write an annual prediction piece. This year it's for the Best Song award. Oh, and I really didn't try with this article. Whoops!

Porn Plots
2012 Feb 09

Hey, friends. I am always looking for ways for us to be closer, so I thought I would share one of my fave porn sites with you. It's okay. There's no need to feel uncomfortable. After all, we're friends, right?

The Worst New York Comic Con 2011 Coverage Possible - Day Two
2012 Jan 25

Eh? Painfully extensive coverage of my second day at New York Comic Con 2011 is up NOW long after it'd be even remotely relevant, but the whole article is based around irrelevance, so it totally works and I totally planned it out this way. Go read it for some reason. It'll kill an afternoon easy.

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