Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


Ross is Negro Crazy
2005 Mar 17

Okay so this isn't exactly a real update but, I mean, screw you too, man. Ross is very angry about something (the country of America, mostly) and he wants money from you. So I am linking to his money-want thing. He's never going to make it. I'll throw him like five bucks though, I guess.

I'm Not Talking!
2005 Mar 13

Here's something, I dunno. It says both Gringo AND Ross were involved with this which doesn't really make sense to me because Ross doesn't really do anything for this site ever. I don't think it is true. You read it and get back to me.

LoBo Rant 1
2005 Mar 10

A man named LoBo who I know from my real life has written an angry thing about how people's away messages suck. He is very angry about it. Although I did sort of ask him to be. You aren't interested in any of this, are you?

Cruise for a Corpse
2005 Mar 07

I have so many old things by Gringo so here's one now! I mean, uh, it is brand new and special for you. Oh, also, thanks to Tiffany, our forum looks pretty now so that should give you some incentive to go there and participate in the postings that happen like once every two weeks.

Cloak & Dagger
2005 Mar 04

Here is a review (I do it) of a movie from the 80's that is "FOR CHILDREN" called Cloak & Dagger. I spent my time writing this review instead of eating dinner this evening. I hope you are all happy. But that will probably not happen. Which is good because I was being sarcastic. In your face!

Powerpuff 12
2005 Mar 01

I've got a bunch of these.

Gringo's Fourth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2005 Feb 27

Gringo has done that Oscar prediction thing of his again. He told me he geniuinely dislikes this one, so that bodes well for all of you, no? Personally, I refuse to read anything he writes.

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